Joie de Vivre – and how to build individual and team resilience

I hope the photo makes you smile and reminds you of the joy of life in these often stressful times.

To be resilient – to thrive, you must build positive relationships so that you can:

  1. find support when you need it
  2. Be confident in your own ability to achieve your goals
  3. Re-energise yourself
  4. Learn as you adapt to the changing context
  5. Create new ways to achieve your goals in the face of new challenges

To enable your team to be more resilient:

  1. Build a culture where seeking support (in appropriate ways) is encouraged
  2. Cultivate confidence through building trust and empowering people
  3. Encourage creativity and adaptability
  4. Build in time to reflect and share any learning together
  5. Make sure colleagues know themselves well enough to know what they need to do to recover when work (and life) are particularly stressful

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