Flourishing People Inspiration

Humanising Leadership

I am reading Dr Kerrie Fleming and Roger Delves’ book, ‘Inspiring Leadership’ and am loving it!

Kerrie Fleming asks why we don’t see more adverts like this for leaders:

‘We seek someone who is steeped in self awareness and awareness of others. A person who shows integrity and compassion to employees and cares about their welfare and their success, someone who empowers each employee to fulfil their own and the ambitions of the company, creating a mutually successful environment which fulfils stakeholder and shareholder needs’

She suggests the potential benefits of such recruitment to organisations including: leaders with these skills attracting a large pool of talent to work with them and employees being more engaged at work with consequent increased creativity and productivity etc. Moreover, she asserts that leaders with these skills will be resilient in VUCA environments.

How would you fare if you were to put yourself forward for such a job?

What examples/evidence would you cite?

How would you begin to create a more human culture at work?

Flourishing People Inspiration

Reinventing Ourselves Again and Again and Again

What is the most important thing for a young person to learn in the twenty first century? Being interviewed about his new book ‘A Brief History of Tomorrow’, Yuval Noah Horare says ‘The one thing you need to learn is to change all the time. In the 21st century you won’t have the luxury of a stable identity and stable profession. You will have to reinvent yourself again and again and again’.. 

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